Art Smart: Meet the Inspiring Creator of Paperfashion

WOW!!!!!! These illustrations I thought were photographs at first glance, but oh my god, they were spectacular – well done, and thank you for posting ‘Stylust – The Official bebe Blog’.

Stylust - The Official bebe Blog

Fashion and art are BFFs, so we love getting the dish on fashion illustrators like Katie Rodgers of Paperfashion. Katie’s gorgeous watercolor pieces have been commissioned by top names in the industry, and we’re super impressed by the way she brings style to life! Where did it all start, and what’s her advice for aspiring illustrators? Read on! 

STYLUST: When did you fall in love with watercolor?
KATIE: As a child! My aunt is an artist and gave me my first set of paints as a little girl…and I’ve been hooked ever since!

STYLUST: What are your favorite types of looks to draw?
KATIE: I love the ’50s and ’60s looks…so classic. I also am very inspired by color in fashion. Great color combos are always fun!

STYLUST: What inspires you as an illustrator?
Literally anything and everything! I can never seem to pinpoint my inspiration. The…

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